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Velocite 42mm

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One gentleman, At a Time

We believe that every man is one step closer to embodying the true elegance of a gentleman, a man of class and distinction.

Here in Artico Collections, we understand the power of a lasting impression. It is that very admirable impression that makes all the difference between a closed or opened door of opportunities. That is why, from the sleek lines of the case and intricate mechanics of the movement, we go to great lengths to tailor our timepieces to make a statement and articulate your inner sense of refinement and taste. It’s a timeless investment that will always resonate with those who appreciate the finer things in life and care to leave an impeccable first-impression. 

Radiate class and turn heads without even trying, because in Artico Collections, we are not just creating accessories, we're creating gentlemen, one at a time.

Chrono Phantom 40mm
Chrono Phantom 40mm
Sale priceRM MYR268.00
Chrono Velocite 42mm
Chrono Velocite 42mm
Sale priceRM MYR298.00
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Frankly, I was blown away by how good these watches are. (I bought two.) They are as solid as many more expensive watches, and are extremely good looking.

Brandon Thomas

Stylish Stroke of Elegance

Artico Collections, a one-stop retail destination to complete the look of the distinguished connoisseur.

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